Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – PN4073M

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner – PN4073M

✅ Eliminates driveablity problems
✅ Reduces harmful exhaust emissions
✅ Restores engine performance
✅ Restore fuel economy


BG Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner restores Mass Air Flow Sensor and Idle Air Controller function. It quickly cleans all materials contained in these components including hot wires, plastic, and rubber.

Gums, oil, and other deposit buildup in Mass Air Flow Sensors and Idle Air Controllers will eventually degrade proper control of air and fuel ratios. This can cause erratic idle, poor throttle response, and reduced fuel economy.

With BG Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, cleaning is simple, safe, and fast.
Part Number: 4073M
Quantity: 3 oz. (99.1 mL) can


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