Automotive Sanitising Fogger – PN 706M

Automotive Sanitising Fogger – PN 706M

✅ Disinfects, Kills Viruses & Bacteria, Fungus & Moulds
✅ Includes biocide, anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-spore & anti-fungal ingredients
✅ Safely & effectively eliminates foul, musty odors from the vehicle interior
✅ Deodorizes the Interior with lemon scent
✅ Quick & easy application


BG Automotive Sanitising Fogger is formulated to be effective against many viruses (Including Coronaviruses), bacteria, funguses and moulds. This powerful bactericide and virucide removes foul, musty odours from vehicle air conditioning system. The total release spray is fully tested to BN ES 1276 and BS EN 14476 for biocidal efficiency, as well as BS EN 1650.
Part Number: PN706M
Quantity: 242ml


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