Diesel Injection System Cleaner – PN 22932M

Diesel Injection System Cleaner – PN 22932M

✅ Cleans New Common Rail High Pressure Diesel Fuel Injectors without removing
✅ Removes Combustion Chamber Deposits
✅ Cleans entire Diesel Fuel System from gas tank to Diesel Oxidation Catalysts, DOC
✅ Reduces Harmful Emissions & Black Smoke
✅ Eliminates Pinging & Knocking
✅ Eliminates Rough Idle, Hesitation & loss of Power
✅ Restores Diesel Engine Power & Performance “Like New”


BG Diesel Care is a highly effective diesel fuel injection system cleaner.

While diesel engines are more fuel efficient than similarly sized gasoline engines, they are much more prone to the buildup of combustion deposits. These deposits decrease fuel economy, deform injector spray patterns, increase exhaust emissions, and lead to hard starts.

Installed using the BG Diesel VIA®, BG Diesel Care will quickly and safely clean carbon deposits from diesel fuel injection systems. A professional use injector cleaner, it is designed for use in all passenger car diesel engines.

Part Number: 22932M
Quantity: 32 oz. (946 mL) bottle


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