Engine Performance Restoration – PN 109100M

Engine Performance Restoration – PN 109100M

✅ Cleans piston rings and optimizes engine compression
✅ Cleans micro passageways and engine hydraulic components
✅ Eliminates and controls deposits buildup
✅ Ensures prolonged bearing protection
✅ Prevents new oil from oxidizing


BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration® softens and dissolves hard to remove deposits from piston rings in as little as 10 minutes! Properly sealed combustion chambers improve compression and reduce oil dilution through blow-by. BG EPR® cleans micro passageways to maintain the critical hydraulic function of components such as valve train actuators and turbochargers. BG EPR® restores fuel efficiency and power and is harmless to seals and other engine components. Also excellent for preventive maintenance in diesel engines.
Part Number: 109100
Quantity: 100 mL


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